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Angled Prismatic Loupes on Airon Frames

Very Dental Podcast: Enova Interview

Feature highlighted of new Enova Angled Prismatic Loupes.


Very Dental podcast features Enova Angled Prismatic Loupes.

Dr. Alan Mead sat down with David Becker, the Enova National Sales Manager, on the Very Dental podcast in December 2022. They discussed the Enova Angled Prismatic Loupes and other new products.

This episode of the Very Dental podcast can be found through this link.

About Enova Illumination

Enova Illumination enhances the world with life-changing illumination and visualization products and technologies. They are the leader in LED illumination and have expanded its product portfolio to include custom-fit loupes, micro cameras, and microscopes for medical, dental, and veterinary practices. Enova’s mission is to aid in improving healthcare outcomes throughout the world by providing medical devices that
help professionals see better, so they can perform better. Enova has been named as the award winner for the 2023 ACG BOLD award in the Small Growth Company category. Visit for more information.

Media Contact:
Andrea Miller

Ready to explore the latest in magnification and illumination?

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