Surgeons world-wide use Enova Illumination LED surgical headlights in their operating rooms.  Why? Because they expect the best.

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As the manufacturer of the world’s first LED surgical headlight, Enova’s legacy has been to develop technologies and equipment that surgeons need and desire.


Enova Illumination’s innovative technology provides superior light, mobility, portability, and freedom of movement while also being safe, green and economical.

Choose the Enova headlight model designed to help you and your staff provide the best outcomes for patients.  With two series of headlights across a wide-range of light intensity, we have every specialty covered.

With the exception of our Loupe Clip-On light, all of our headlights are named for their features:

1)  The XLT or PLT distinguishes the LED chip, affecting color temperature.  XLT Series Lights have a color temperature of 6100 Kelvin, while PLT Series Lights have a color temperature of 4500 Kelvin.

2)  The number listed next is the intensity of the headlight’s illumination (in thousands of lux – learn more in our FAQ).  For instance the XLT-225A produces 225,000 lux, and the PLT-100A produces 100,000 lux.

3)  The A or F stands for adjustable aperture or fixed aperture.  Depending on the model, the width of beam will be different (check out our Compare Headlights page to see visually how the width of illumination differs for different models).

4)  In the case of our ENT lights, the letters ENT will be written to designate the narrow light beam.

For instance, the PLT-ENT-30A headlight:

Pure Light Technology Series,  30,000 lux, adjustable aperture, ENT focused.

Enova LED surgical headlights are simply the best.  Still need convincing? Click the links above to view our products, or head to our education page to learn about modern LED technology.

Contact Enova Illumination to evaluate any of the Enova Illumination LED Surgical Headlights today!  Call 651.236.8857 or connect online.



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