LED Surgical Headlights

The Brightest LED Surgical Headlights

Simply the Best

Enova delivers the best and brightest LED surgical headlights. Designed to provide superior light, freedom of movement, and a legacy of innovation.

Clinical professionals of all specialties understand just how important high quality, reliable illumination solutions are for providing the best possible patient care.

Enova is dedicated to manufacturing the brightest surgical headlights designed by doctors, for doctors. Each of our Q-series LED headlights are built to deliver extreme durability, complete mobility, and hours of the brightest light, while remaining lightweight and using heat-sync technology to manage any heat generated by the light.

Unparalleled Brightness

the brightest
LED Surgical headlight

All of our LED cordless surgical headlights are designed for power, brightness, balance, and comfort.

Choose the Enova headlight model designed to help you and your staff provide the best outcomes for patients. With two series of headlights across a wide-range of light intensity, we have every specialty covered.

The Cool or Warm distinguishes the LED chip, affecting color temperature. Q-Series Cool lights have a color temperature of 6100 Kelvin, while Q-Series Warm lights have a color temperature of 4500 Kelvin.

Surgeons world-wide trust Enova Illumination  in their operating rooms. Why? Because they expect the best and brightest surgical headlights.


Unbeatable Battery

Our specially designed battery packs are the most powerful in the industry providing 5 – 24 hours of continuous light at the maximum intensity.

complete mobility

Enova LED headlights are built to provide complete mobility. We know that freedom of movement is key to helping you provide the best outcomes for patients.

unparalleled brightness

We offer a wide range of LED headlights that deliver extreme light intensity up to 500,00 lux. No matter your specialty, we have the perfect light for you.

Extreme Durability

Built to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use, Enova LED Headlights are sturdy and super durable. We hold our lights to the highest standard and offer a 5-year warranty on lamp assembly.


Delivering up to 500,000*+ lux, the Quantum is the world’s brightest LED surgical headlight


The Quasar is Enova’s most versatile and popular Surgical Headlight


At just 7oz., the Qubit is as light as a feather, while still delivering 105,000+ lux

Legacy Collection

Explore the Legacy collection and track the evolution of the Enova LED Surgical Headlight

Loupe Lights

Enova offers a range of LED clip-on lights (Axis™, Atom™ and Magnelite™) so you can select your exact specifications

Evaluate Enova LED surgical headlights for up to 30 days

By The Numbers


The Quantum Cool is the world’s brightest LED surgical headlight, measuring up to 500,000 lux at 10 inches.

hour LED lifespan

Our specially designed battery packs are the most powerful in the industry, providing 5 – 24 hours of continuous light at the maximum intensity and a 50,000 hour LED lifespan. 

year warranty

Enova provides a five-year warranty on LED chip and lamp assembly, and a one-year warranty on the battery packs and accessories.

What Doctors are Saying

Enova headlights are more than invaluable. They were essential in successfully treating 275 patients in the mission field. The circumstances were difficult and Spartan at best. 

Dr. Howard Graef

Cosmetic Dentist

“The Enova XLT-125 provides excellent light, it’s comfortable, and requires little maintenance. The co-axial feature is nice; it lets me adjust where the light is pointed, which during breast surgery is looking up from the belly button. Buying an Enova headlight is kind of like buying an iPhone; they’re affordable and have much to offer.”

Dr. David Kahn

Plastic Surgeon and Academic Physician

The battery life for the Enova headlight is very good. I can be in surgery for six hours or more at one time and the battery has never let me down. I’d love to have a headlight that has a headband as lightweight as a sweatband, but the Enova headlight is pretty comfortable.”

Richard Bensimon, MD

Plastic Surgeon

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