Enova Loupes


Every doctor, dentist, and vet can preach the benefits of magnification.  That’s why we decided to take our promise of quality into the realm of eyewear.  Built with German optics and craftsmanship.

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Enova Loupe

It’s time to get in the loupe.

Enova is known for our dedication to quality.  Our headlights have been manufactured for over ten years using durable and reliable materials giving medical, dental, and veterinary professionals long-lasting brightness. But any professional in these fields will agree that illumination is useless without vision.

As of January 2018, Enova offers the highest-quality customizable loupes.  With available prescription on a variety of frame-styles, and your choice of magnification, these will be the only loupes you’ll ever need to buy.  Perfectly fitted for your head, and perfectly crafted for your eyes, our new line of loupes sets the bar in professional eye-wear.

With a 45-Day Trial period, you’ll definitely want to try these out.

Also check out our magnetic Loupe Clip-on Light to go with your new Enova Loupes.

Note: As our Loupes are made custom for the individual, please allow 4-6 weeks for receipt of product.


  • Extremely Lightweight
  • German Optics and craftsmanship
  • Custom magnification options
  • Available prescription lenses
  • Elegant design
  • Low-profile for easy use with an Enova headlight system


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  • Email us at info@enova.email
  • Connect online through “contact us” on this website

Titanium SM-Vue 2.8

Titanium XG-Vue 2.8

Sport SM-Vue 2.8

Sport XG-Vue 3.8

Crystal Clear

Unbeatable depth-of-field and field-of-view with edge-to-edge clarity.

Pictured: Dr. Terry Dubrow of E!'s Botched

Sport Frame Models

XG-Vue 2.8x Magnification
MD-Vue 2.8x Magnification
XG-Vue 3.8x Magnification
SM-Vue 2.8x Magnification
AC-Vue 2.5x Magnification
MDA-Vue 2.8x Magnification
XGA-Vue 2.8x Magnification
XGF-Vue 2.8x Magnification

Titanium Frame Models

XG-Vue 2.8x Magnification
MD-Vue 2.8x Magnification
SM-Vue 2.8x Magnification
XG-Vue 3.8x Magnification

TC-Vue 2.5x
SM-Vue 2.8x
MD-Vue 2.8x
XG-Vue 2.8x
XG-Vue 3.8x

3.5″/9 cm
3.1″/8 cm
3.5″/9 cm
4.3″/11 cm
2.8″/7 cm

5.5″/14 cm
5.5″/14 cm
6.7″/17 cm
7.9″/20 cm
5.1″/13 cm

1.3 oz/36 grams
1.2 oz/34 grams
1.5 oz/42 grams
1.9 oz/54 grams
1.9 oz/54 grams

Our Loupes are designed for you, and only you.  Part of our quality commitment is assuring these are the only loupes you ever need to buy.  When you purchase our loupes, they will be fit specifically for you:

-Prescription (insert, or built into telescopes)
-Desired over-the-Telescope view distance
-Declination angle
-Pupillary Distance
-Working Distance
-Frame color