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Lightweight Video

Enova’s newest accessory, the Futudent HD Video Camera is a dynamic and practical tool to document procedures.

Clinical professionals of all specialties understand just how important procedural documentation is for collaboration, education, and communication with patients and other dental and medical clinicians.

Futudent surgical cameras can be attached to Enova LED surgical headlights, loupes, or an overhead light and seamlessly capture crisp high quality video recordings, stills, and audio.

Designed For You


Futudent delivers specialized cameras designed to help you capture the perfect footage with minimal interruption.       

Whether it’s a quick snapshot or a full procedural video, a Futudent camera on your loupes or chair light allows you to focus on your treatment and your patient, rather than imaging. 

Cloud sharing services are included with every Futudent product and are designed to let you send personalized video instruction home to your patients where they need it most. The platform also enables easy peer-to-peer case sharing, making it easier than ever before to collaborate with fellow clinical professionals.  

With non-interruptive documentation from Futudent, it has never been easier or more convenient to capture your work.


Multi-Mount Options

Light Mount

Mounting a camera to the chair light is an easy and effective way to integrate camera technology into every operatory. The chairlight is an ideal location for capturing images. Videos and pictures can be taken easy by simply stepping on a pedal. This means no more interuption of the procedure to get high quality documentation of any procedure the moment it’s needed.

Loupe Mount

Loupe mounted filming provides the ultimate, unobstructed POV angle of the procedure. Aligning the camera with the loupes and LED headlight makes hands-free filming easy. Simply work as usual, and everything seen through the loupes is being filmed in perfect focus and detail.

High quality still photos and video

From HD 1080p to 4K, our surgical cameras provide crystal clear video and photography at a size and price point for everyone.

Hands Free

The Futudent recording software is controlled with a foot pedal, meaning you can take video and still pictures completely hands free - and with no interruption to your procedure.

Easy-to-Use Recording Software

Recording videos and taking still images during surgical work is quick and intuitive. No video filming skills are required - so you can focus on your patient, not your camera.

Flexible Mounting

Connect your camera to your loupes, headlight, overhead light, or a flexible arm and capture unobstructed, stable footage from the vantage point that best suits your needs.

Choose from

Three Astonishing cameras

proCam XS

The proCam XS is the world’s smallest, lightest, and most affordable 4k medical camera. The multi-mount can be used both on loupes and light.


Autofocus 4K non-interruptive medical camera for easy medical applications.  The smartCam is an auto-focused miniature 4K dental camera. It features a SONY sensor that captures both 4K video and high-resolution still photos from the chair.

microCam XS

The Futudent microCam XS is the smallest full HD camera available today. Weighing just 11 grams, and featuring a powerful sensor, the microCam XS is designed for to be mounted on your Enova loupes and will keep you comfortable all day long.

What Professionals are Saying

As a pediatric dentist who also uses an operating microscope, I think that the children find the Futudent camera less intimidating than the presence of an operating microscope. It is also easier to move than the operating microscope should the child patient move out of the field of view.

Dr. Malcolm Levinkind

leading specialist in pediatric dentistry

I use Futudent every day, with every patient. When I work together with hygienist, she can immediately see from the screen what I see and document it accordingly. I can also share my findings with the whole dental care team, when needed. This makes our life easier and helps us provide continuously better dental care services.

Dr. Wayne Hollar


My Futudent camera is located in my private practice and I use it to document all kinds of surgical procedures in the outpatient setting. I use essential parts of the surgical videos when giving lectures in the dental community. This helps me to demonstrate how I work and how I choose to solve various cases. I have noticed that videos shot from the actual viewpoint of the surgeon make many topics more entertaining for the audience and easier to understand.

Hauk øyri, Oslo

Oral Surgeon and Dental Lecturer

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