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Loupes for Students

Solutions for the Future of Clinical Professionals

Empowering Dental and Hygiene Students to Perform at the Highest Level

As a future dental professional, the tools you train with and select for your career make an impact on your performance, confidence, and health.

That’s why our expert design team at Enova Illumination has meticulously engineered and sourced a robust range of magnification and illumination solutions, from loupes and lights to high powered microscopes. Our goal is simple: to introduce you to value-added tools and instill confidence, protect your health, and help you perform at the highest level for the entirety of your career.

Custom Crafted for Your Eyes

why enova loupes?

Custom-fit loupes made by Enova Illumination deliver better visuals and superior ergonomics.  We’re committed to providing the highest quality craftsmanship and using only the most durable materials.

Enova loupes are designed for you, and only you. Part of our quality commitment is assuring these are the only loupes you ever need to buy. Enova loupes are perfectly fitted for your head, and perfectly crafted for your eyes. Every pair is precisely designed to consider ideal working distance, individual facial features, custom lens prescriptions, and the optimal declination angle.

Choose from a wide selection of frames, oculars, and colors to create a pair of loupes that is uniquely you.

Clinical professionals world-wide depend on custom-fit loupes from Enova Illumination. Why? Because they expect the best.




Ergo Elite

Functional Frames for Clinical Professionals

See the Difference

Making sense of frames, loupes, and magnification can be overwhelming, but we’re here to help. 

Explore these four impact points (+) and view our Loupe Buying Guide to know exactly what to look when choosing a pair of loupes.

Fit & Comfort

Look for a comfortable frame suitable for long term wear, without slipping or pinching.

All-Glass Telescope

Look for all-glass telescopes for high quality optical resolution. Plastic used in telescopes results in lost clarity and sharpness.

Aluminum Housings

Aluminum housings are super durable and easy to clean. Plastic is prone to cracking and breakage.

Function Over Fashion

Good loupes should last. Choose a frame made from high quality materials such as aluminum, titanium, or polycarbonate.

Explore these four impact points to learn what to look for when choosing a pair of loupes

Airon Glasses Navy with Silver Galilean Loupes

Prescription lenses

Prescription lenses are built into ocular lenses and can be placed into most carrier frames.

superior ergonomics

Using your specific measurements, Enova loupes are built with an optimal declination angle to minimize strain on neck and back.

Crafted for your eyes

We custom measure the distance between the center of the pupils to ensure correctly centered prescriptions.

custom magnification

By identifying your ideal working distance, we can help you select a magnification that will provide a long, clear depth of field.

Illuminate Your LoupesAxis™ and Atom™ LED Lights for Loupes

What Professionals are Saying

As soon as I put them on, I was just amazed. Enova loupes brought everything into focus.  My posture has greatly improved.  I don’t notice my neck and shoulder pain like I used to.  I’m sitting up straighter.



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You’re going to benefit.  Your patients are going to benefit.  They work.  Enova loupes are great.


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