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NOVA Documentary Transplanting Hope

Many months ago, Dr. Michael Klein came into Enova’s office to purchase a pair of loupes.  Coming from Chicago, there was some instant bonding over our Midwestern roots.  When the office learned of Dr. Klein’s commitment to mission work around the world, it only further excited us.  We sat him down and talked with him about his work abroad, filming it and holding on to it for future use.

Transplant procedures are no easy task.  First, the organ to be transplanted must be obtained.  This in itself is a tremendous accomplishment, with up to a quarter of patient’s never receiving a new organ.

Once the organ is ready for transplant, the surgical procedure begins.  Any transplant surgeon can tell you this is neither quick nor easy.

In NOVA’s documentary Transplanting Hope, we get to watch the events of the transplant transpire, from finding the organ, to completing the surgery.

The surgeons use Enova’s XLT-125A surgical headlight during their procedures. Available to download on iTunes


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