Project Vietnam Foundation


Through the Enova Mission Program two Quasar Cool headlights and battery packs were provided to the Project Vietnam Foundation to use in the 67 surgeries they performed during the November 2022 trip on patients with cleft lip and palate birth deformities.

Our mission is to support your mission to help heal the world.

The Project Vietnam Foundation has worked in needy provinces of Vietnam since 1996. Among past achievements of Project Vietnam has been a three-year effort to identify vitamin K deficiency as a major cause of newborn death and campaign successfully for the adoption of a national policy for Vitamin K injection after birth.

Current ongoing programs consist of improvement of healthcare for newborn and pediatric emergency services, promoting sustainable Rural Health Standards, and the development of services for children with special healthcare needs. Project Vietnam has worked at 35 sites in Vietnam, trained a total of 43 provinces, and initiated interventions which have resulted in significant reduction in child mortality/morbidity and improved rural healthcare.

doctors performing surgery using enova led headlights

The mission at Enova has always been to deliver medical devices that improve vision, safety, and efficiency for healthcare providers.  We’re confident in the design of this product. If you’re interested in elevating your practice with the help of the Zumax microscope, Enova can help.  Any of our representatives can assist in answering questions on financing, installation, and how to maximize the usability of the microscope.  For general inquiries, contact our customer service department at [email protected] or 651.236.8857.

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