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Improving Workflow with Coaxial Lighting

Improving Workflow with Coaxial Lighting

When it comes to surgical illumination, there are a few things that can’t be compromised.

When it comes to surgical illumination, there are a few things that can’t be compromised. Surgical headlights must be bright enough to illuminate the operating cavity, be lightweight enough to wear all day during long procedures, and must be durable so as not to need constant repair and maintenance. Perhaps most important among design features is flexibility. Your headlight must be able to adjust to the position that you require when working with patients. Enter: Coaxial Alignment.

The Benefits of Coaxial Alignment

At Enova, we have put in a lot of time and effort developing a bracket for our headlights that suits the needs of those that use our products (but don’t worry, the time was enjoyed).  For maximum benefit, light needs to come from the same axis as the user’s vision – this is coaxial alignment.

Think of it this way: shadows are bad.  While performing complicated procedures – and simple ones at that – it is imperative that all the nooks and crannies of the surgical cavity are illuminated when they need to be.  With overhead lighting or misaligned headlights, shadows can arise in places they shouldn’t.  However, when light is properly aligned, the beam follows the gaze of the surgeon.  Using coaxial alignment, the necessary body parts are always illuminated without interference from shadows.  With Enova’s four-point pivot bracket, coaxial alignment has never been easier.

Enova Headlights Four-Point Pivot Bracket

To make adjusting your LED headlight to match your eye line, attaining your perfect coaxial alignment, all Enova headlights feature a four-point pivot bracket.

Step One:  Don headlight and adjust ratchet(s) and top strap (if applicable).  Headlight should fit snugly onto head, without feeling tight or constricting.

Step Two: Using two hands, adjust pivot bracket such that headlamp is in line with vision, situated near the bridge of your nose.  Make sure lamp is not obstructing view but is coaxial with eyesight.

Step Three:  Plug headlight into PowerPack and turn on using red power button.  

Step Four:  Move head side-to-side and up and down to make sure your field-of-view is properly illuminated, and there are not shadows in the surgical field. Readjust as needed.

LED Headlights vs. Overhead Lighting

No matter what specialty you practice, there is always a use-case for bright overhead lighting and bright headlamps to illuminate your field of view. LED headlights can enhance your working experience, and improve your patient’s care experience.

Reduce Shadows

A coaxially aligned LED Headlight helps to remove shadows that overhead lights cause, improving your visibility.

Increase Resolution

Whether used with or without loupes, LED Headlights add yet another level of image resolution, enabling you to make the best clinical decisions given patient needs.

Patient Comfort

LED Headlights cast a spot wide enough to fill your field of view without shining an uncomfortable light in your patient’s eyes.

About Enova Illumination

Enova Illumination enhances the world with life-changing illumination and visualization products and technologies. They are the leader in LED illumination and have expanded its product portfolio to include custom-fit loupes, micro cameras, and microscopes for medical, dental, and veterinary practices. Enova’s mission is to aid in improving healthcare outcomes throughout the world by providing medical devices that
help professionals see better, so they can perform better. Enova has been named as the award winner for the 2023 ACG BOLD award in the Small Growth Company category. Visit for more information.

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