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Continuously innovating to deliver the highest quality illumination and visualization products.

The Enova journey of innovation began in 2003, before “LED surgical headlights” were a reality.

Dr. Sushil Gupta was performing surgery when his gown caught fire from the heat of a fiber optic cord. Then the Chairman of Surgery at Guthrie Clinic, Dr. Gupta was inspired to develop a new LED portable technology—one that would remove the restraint and restriction of fiber optic surgical headlight systems, reduce the pain caused to the neck and back from heavy fiber optic cords, and improve the light degradation and color associated with Xenon and Halogen light systems.

Dr. Gupta, also a former Professor of Surgery at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Associate Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School, approached Enova Medical Technologies and began working with its group of medical technology engineers. In 2005, this team launched the surgical headlight industry’s first LED headlight called the Halo 5000, which featured two LEDs and emitted 50,000 lux.

Since 2005 Enova has been innovating and mastering LED illumination for a variety of surgical practices from superficial to deep cavity surgeries, and has developed LED surgical headlights for all surgical disciplines and procedures. Over the years this LED surgical illumination company has introduced five new generations of products, improving brightness, construction, and battery-life through each one.

Enova’s modern line of Headlights is split into two series: the XLT series (Extreme Light Technology) and the PLT series (Pure Light Technology). The  XLT-225A is the world’s brightest LED surgical headlight available. It is also lightweight, perfectly balanced on the head, durable and comfortable. In 2015, Enova also introduced two new digital lithium ion battery packs—the PP2 and the PP4—which are proven to maintain the longest battery life on the market, with a range of between 4 and 24 hours.

Enova surgical LED headlights–designed for surgeons by surgeons.

Enova® Illumination stands alone as the first LED surgical headlight designer and manufacturer in the industry.  Our headlights can be found in the best clinics, hospitals, universities and military bases including Mt. Sinai Medical Center, Cleveland Clinic, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, University of California at Berkeley, University of Minnesota, Princeton Medical Center, Harvard Medical School, the Department of Veteran Affairs Medical Center, and Langley Air Force Base to name a few. Enova Illumination (which spun off from Enova Medical Technologies in January 2011) focuses solely on innovating new products to advance medical and surgical vision, with our headlights leading the way.

Enova LED Surgical Headlight Attributes

All Enova LED surgical headlights have attributes required by the best surgeons.

  • FDA-registered and patent protected design
  • Brightest LED surgical headlights on the market
  • Purest light – provide pure while light (6100° Kelvin) in our XLT series and CRI-95 (4500° Kelvin) in our PLT series
  • Durable – all aluminum headlamp and rigid plastic headband
  • Comfortable – very lightweight, perfectly balanced on head, double padded headband and fully adjustable
  • No maintenance
  • Longest battery life available; up to 24 hours on a single charge
  • Cost-effective, and energy-saving









We are proud of our products and dedication to service.  Our Headlights are manufactured, tested, and shipped from Northeast Minneapolis, MN.  Stop by if you want to see our facilities, or call/email to talk to one of our team members.  We love talking about what we do, because we are proud to do it.

Who We Are – Meet the Enova Illumination Team

Roger Heegaard | President of Enova Illumination

Roger Heegaard
Minneapolis, MN

Scott Green | Enova Illumination

Scott Green
Exec. Vice President
Prior Lake, MN


Jeremy Ward
Director of Operations
Minneapolis, MN


Bob Barrett
Vice President of Finance

Jordyn Kaufer | Enova Illumination

Jordyn Kaufer
N. American Sales Manager
Oakdale, MN

Cindy Final

Cindy Byer
Texas Sales Representative
Houston, TX


Dave Daggett
NE Sales Representative
Boston, MA


Sidnee Ronsberg
Minnesota Sales Representative
Stillwater, MN


Alex Kokshanian
Southern CA Sales Representative
Los Angeles, CA


Jeff Plate
Illinois Sales Representative
Chicago, IL


Connor Namuth
W. PA/N. OH Sales Representative
Pittsburgh, PA


Sarah Swinick
E. PA/ S. NY Sales Representative
Philadelphia, PA


Michael Chuinard
Inside Sales & Service Supervisor
Lakeville, MN


Keller Brussow
Marketing & Tradeshow Associate
Minneapolis, MN

Kirsten Pic (1)

Kirsten Halen
Human Resources Manager
Minneapolis, MN


Coming Soon!
Cust. Service & Sales Support
Minneapolis, MN


Anna Carlson-McFarlane
Operations Specialist
Minneapolis, MN


Arte White
Operations Specialist
Minneapolis, MN


Anne Janas
Lead Administrator
Plymouth, MN


Catherine Walker
Operations Administration Associate
Minneapolis, MN

Bailey Green | Enova Illumination

Bailey Green
Marketing & Production Assistant
Prior Lake, MN


Quentin Hietpas
Senior Accountant
Minneapolis, MN

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