There’s no risk or obligation required for surgeons to evaluate our headlights.


Enova Illumination has manufactured LED surgical headlights since 2005.  In that time we have learned that surgeons’ decisions on lighting needs are as varied as their personalities. The headlight must perform to meet the exact needs of the surgeon and type of surgery performed.  Better, more convenient illumination means faster surgeries and superior outcomes.

Surgeons may evaluate Enova LED surgical headlights for up to 30 days without risk or obligation. We offer two evaluation options: one for hospitals and one for private practice clinics. Enova’s Evaluation Program is available in the U.S. and Canada only.

Evaluating Enova Surgical Headlights in Hospital

Please submit a No-Risk Evaluation Form and include a no-charge PO number. Enova will respond upon receiving your request to answer questions and provide vendor set-up information.  Please share the headlight for evaluation with as many clinicians and surgeons as possible.

Evaluating Enova Surgical Headlights by Private Practice Surgery Clinics

Please submit a No-Risk Evaluation Form. An Enova representative will call you for credit card information.  Enova will not charge the credit card unless you decide to purchase it at the end of the trial. Use the headlight in as many surgeries as you want.

As part of the evaluation process, we request that each surgeon complete our Headlight Assessment Survey. Have questions? Call us at 651.236.8857.

No Risk Evaluation

To receive a no-risk evaluation of our products,  complete our evaluation form and include a no-charge PO number.  We will respond upon receiving your request to answer questions and provide vendor set-up information.

Assessment Survey

Please complete the evaluation of your Enova product by completing our assessment survey to provide us valuable feedback of your experience.