Enova Batteries

PP2 and PP4 Digital Battery Packs

The PP2 contains two lithium-ion battery cells, providing most of our lights with 5-10 hours of life per battery pack. The PP4 contains four lithium-ion battery cells, providing the XLT-225A and PLT-165A with 5-10 hours of life, and all other headlights up to 24 hours of life. Both PP models easily fit into a surgical scrubs pocket.

PP2 – Item #80200-001; weight 7 oz (200 gm)
PP4 – Item #80201-001; weight 9 oz (260 gm)

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Enova PowerPack

Freestyle Battery

Hate the hassle of cables and battery belts?  Our new freestyle battery attaches straight to the headband of our lights for greater mobility.  Currently available with the XLT-125A, PLT-100A, XLT-ENT-40A, and PLT-ENT-30A.  Call a representative if you want to know more.

Item no #80202-001; weight 6 oz (170 g)

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Enova Battery Chargers

Powerpack Single Charger

If you need to charge your PP2 or PP4 PowerPacks on the go, this small lightweight charger is just the trick. Compatible with the PP2 and PP4 PowerPacks, you can charge one battery at a time, using very little table space. Note: Do not use chargers in the surgical suite. Not compatible with freestyle batteries.

Item # 80101-001

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Powerpack Base Station

Capable of charging two PowerPacks at a time, the base station is a great asset for busy surgeons and clinicians. Charge both batteries overnight, or charge one battery while you use the other; Staying illuminated has never been easier. Note: Do not use charging station in the surgical suite. Not compatible with Freestyle batteries.

Item #80100-001

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Freestyle Base Station

If you enjoy the mobility and ease of the Freestyle batteries, you will need the Freestyle Base station. Capable of charging two Freestyle batteries at a time, you might as well make sure you purchase two freestyle batteries. Note: Do not use charging station in surgical suite.

Item # 80104-001

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