Dr. Charlie Finn | Enova Illumination Surgical LED Headlight with pediatric patient

Shedding Light, December 2018: The FINN Foundation

In the last Shedding Light installment of 2018, we got to speak with Dr. Charlie Finn who founded the FINN Foundation to provide facial reconstructive surgeries to patients in need. From traveling the world with FACE TO FACE, to the humble beginnings of his own philanthropic foundation, Dr. Finn has quite the story to tell.…

Dr. Bergseng | Enova Illumination

Dr. Bergseng, Cubulco, Guatemala

“Despite being so far from home that every communication required two translations, it turned out Minnesota was not actually that far away. During a gallbladder removal, Dr. Bergseng realized he was going to need some help. Calling to an OBGYN on the team for assistance, she came over to lend a hand. After some casual…

Dr. Sethi Cambodia | Enova Illumination

Dr. Sethi, Cambodia

Dear Matt,   Thank you so much for the two Enova lights you loaned for our mission to Cambodia from August 15 to Sept 1.  They were immensely helpful for our surgical team as the overhead lights did not always work.  We were able to do 120 major cases in two different locations in Cambodia.  …

Dr. Humphreys | Enova Illumination

Enova’s Mission Program

At Enova Illumination, we pride ourselves in our dedication to supporting the women and men who venture into the world with the goal of providing care. Surgeons of all types travel to every corner of the world to perform surgeries for those that otherwise wouldn’t receive proper care.  From general surgeons to plastic surgeons, every…

Colombia Mission Trip | Enova Illumination

August Shedding Light is Here!

Enova’s Mission program lends LED Surgical Headlights to doctors as they perform surgeries abroad. This month we learn the incredible story of Dr. Gilman and his mission work in Cartagena, Colombia! Read here:  Dr. Gilman, Colombia

Dr. Glendinning | Enova Illumination

Dr. Glendinning, Northern Africa

Enova Team, I just wanted to say thank you so much for helping me to get one of your headlamps at a cost I could afford for my work overseas. I have used it for almost every single case since it got to me in March and have found it indispensable. It is lightweight and…

Dr. Edelstein | Enova Illumination

Dr. Edelstein, Haiti

  This morning I am returning from 3 weeks operating in Haiti. During that time, I performed over 35 major and minor surgical procedures, every one with your amazing light on my head. The single, dim, on-again-off-again bulb in the operating room was fairly useless…but it didn’t matter. With Enova’s generous Mission Program, I was…

Dr. Klein | Enova Illumination

Dr. Klein, KENYA

Roger, It was a delight to meet you and the other fine folks at Enova. I am very happy with the headlight which has arrived, and look forward to my new loupes. I spent quite a bit of time at the ACS exhibits a few years ago evaluating loupes and headlights. It was almost frightening…