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Dr. Victor Kim

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon Victor Kim, DDS
Dr. Victor Kim

Enova talked with Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon Dr. Victor Kim, DDS, about his practice and why he chose the Enova XLT-125 LED Surgical Headlight to replace his existing surgical headlights.
Enova:  Hi Dr. Kim. Tell us a about your practice?
Dr. Kim: I’ve been an oral maxillofacial surgeon for 30 years and see patients from two office locations in Western Ohio; one in Troy and the other in Greenville. Both locations have six operatories and I spend the majority of each week performing oral surgery such as wisdom teeth extractions, dental implants, and pathologies, many of them under office general anesthesia. I also see patients who have facial and oral injuries requiring surgery.
Enova:  How has your practice changed over the years?
Dr. Kim: Today my practice is more focused on performing surgeries in my office rather than in a hospital, which is mainly due to politics and insurance reasons. Hospital operating rooms have lighting systems already in place, but to perform office procedures I need my own lighting sources.
Enova: How does lighting impact your ability to perform surgery?
Dr. Kim:   Excellent lighting is crucial to performing surgery, especially to avoid mental and physical fatigue. In addition to the quality and intensity of the light, the headlight must be dependable and working everyday—if it doesn’t, the headlight does not help me.
Enova:  How did you hear about Enova Illumination headlights?
Dr. Kim:  I first heard about Enova Illumination at a national oral and maxillofacial surgical conference I was attending. I’d owned a different well-known LED surgical headlight brand before purchasing the Enova XLT-125 and like how portable they are, but was looking for one that was more versatile and comfortable, and had more light intensity. Before owning LED headlights, I’d used halogen surgical headlights. I needed 12 of them—one for each operatory—and they were expensive and a nuisance to use.
Enova:  Why did you choose the Enova XLT-125?
Dr. Kim: I’d looked at many LED surgical headlights before seeing Enova’s headlight. The first time I put it on my head I knew it was superior in design and comfort. The XLT-125 has both co-axial and aperture adjustment options. I can change the spot size with the aperture adjustment and I can change the angle of my view with the co-axial adjustment. And, the light intensity is much better compared to the other LED surgical headlight I was using.*
Enova: How often do you use your Enova headlight each week?
Dr. Kim: I use the XLT-125 when I’m in surgery, which is four days per week, but it is so comfortable I forget that I’m wearing it! I usually have the headlight on all day; I wear it even when I’m not in surgery between patients. I’ve even forgotten to recharge the battery pack sometimes and it continued to work the next day—that surprised me.
Enova:  What do you like best about your Enova XLT-125 headlights?
Dr. Kim: I purchase two of the XLT-125—one for each office location. This headlight helps me and it is one less thing for me to worry about each day. The XLT is a very concise model. It is adjustable and versatile. I can wear loupes and also capability to change light intensity and correct level and sizes which help me late in the day. The XLT-125 is so comfortable and lightweight; it’s the most comfortable surgical headlight I’ve ever worn.
Enova:  Have you recommended Enova LED surgical headlights to your colleagues?
Dr. Kim: Yes. There are a lot of products and many options available for surgeons. Take time to try Enova Illumination headlights. The XLT-125 is one of the best LED surgical headlights available.
*The Enova XLT-125 provides 125,000 lux of pure white homogenous light.

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