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XLT-125A: Enova’s most popular LED surgical headlight

The XLT-125A surgical headlight from Enova offers top-of-the-line features for surgeons of any specialty. 125,000 lux to keep even the deepest surgical cavities illuminated. Lightweight for all day procedures. Built with aluminum for ultimate durability. Learn about more features here in our Demonstration Video.

Plastic surgeon Richard Bensimon, M.D., advances family tradition of using medical headlights; Enova XLT-125 meets todays cosmetic surgical needs

This month, Dr. Richard Bensimon, a board certified plastic surgeon in Portland, Oregon, talked with Shedding Light about his practice, why he chose Enova LED surgical headlights for his practice, and the legacy passed onto him from his father, who practiced medicine in Argentina. Shedding Light: Tell us about your practice? Dr. Bensimon: I’ve been practicing plastic surgery…

Enova LED surgical headlights meet superior standards for Dr. Mark Mani, plastic surgeon to celebrities and high profile individuals from around the world

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Marc Mani took time from his busy practice to talk with Shedding Light about his practice, advanced technology in cosmetic surgery, and why his Enova LED surgical headlights are beneficial to successfully performing surgery. Shedding Light: Tell us about your background and your practice? Dr. Mani: I earned my undergraduate degree from Harvard University and…

Dr. Kahn surgeon | Enova Illumination

Enova’s XLT-125 LED Surgical headlight meets the lighting challenges of cosmetic surgery

Plastic Surgeon and Stanford University Academic Physician Dr. David Kahn Shares Insights Based on Experience This month Shedding Light talked with Dr. David Kahn, Plastic Surgeon and Stanford University Academic Physician, about his practice, advances in cosmetic surgery, and how light impacts his ability to perform surgery. He uses Enova’s newest LED surgical headlight, the XLT-125. Shedding…