2020: A Year for Vision

This year marks the 14th anniversary Enova Illumination Inc. has been designing and engineering industry-leading medical devices.

The theme for 2020 is clear to us: A Year for Vision.  It was a somewhat challenging and ambitious task to sit down with my colleagues to reflect on our last decade without jumping into the excitement of what is in store for the future.  This year marks the 14th anniversary Enova Illumination Inc. has been designing and engineering industry-leading medical devices. Our mission remains the same as it was over a decade ago: “to help doctors see better, so they can perform better.” Without a doubt, our mission becomes a reality every day because of the driven individuals that work in-house, skillfully turning ideas into tangible products. Because of this drive, healthcare professionals can continue to enhance their practice and, in turn, the quality of life for their patients.

The Future of Enova

As our office looks to the future, it’s clear our focus is to continue creating, improving, and enhancing our headlights, loupes, and cameras. Scott Green, the Executive Vice President at Enova Illumination, has been working in the loupe and headlight industry for over 22 years.  His excitement for the industry is contagious, and it’s clear his goal is to continue to help create distinguished products that raise the bar across the industry in every way. When talking to Scott about the future of Enova, I also learned what we’ve achieved as a company over the course of the last year and what to expect in the future.

 The world's brightest LED Headlight

Launched in 2006, Enova introduced the first battery-powered LED surgical headlight with safety and efficacy as a core principal.  Over the course of the decade, Enova released five generations of surgical headlights with improvements in brightness, construction, and battery life.  At the end of 2019, Enova introduced the most efficient family of headlights yet, known as the  Q-Series.  Scott explained the most recent family of headlights “produces 10-25% greater power than our prior models, and all with greater quality of illumination.” He also noted our headlight design was adapted and improved by removing the “knurling” of the aluminum headlight, which promotes better sanitation. By eliminating the knurling on the aluminum, healthcare professionals no longer need to meticulously clean inside grooves and ridges. The modern, smooth design allows for effortless and quick cleaning.

Vizix™ Loupes in Color

In the second quarter, we also welcomed the new Vizix™ Loupes + Loupe Lights to the Enova family. This recent addition provided the first colorful anodized aluminum loupes in the industry.  The loupes are featured in 5 distinct colors: blue, purple, green, white, and black.  The engineering and design behind our Vizix™ loupes are so  customizable, we will be dedicating an entire blog soon on how to choose the right pair for you and your professional needs.

Exclusive Zumax US Distributor


And finally, just before the New Year, Enova Illumination happily announced our exclusive distribution partnership with Zumax, a global leading surgical microscope manufacturer.  We obtained the exclusive rights to distribute the Zumax 3D Microscope to the dental and ENT markets. Zumax microscopes are on the cutting edge of technology and have integrated 2D/3D camera options, electromagnetic armature for single handed use, and are the first microscope to have a Smart Glass option for the viewer.  This opportunity is extremely exciting, and we are thrilled to announce this partnership.

Without a doubt, our company is expanding in more than one way. In addition to adding new territory managers in New England and Southern California, our local office in Minneapolis is expanding every day.  Our mission really and truly couldn’t happen without all the intelligent people who make up our company and believe in the power of our technology and the importance of improving the efficacy of healthcare officials.

We expect 2020 to be a big year for Enova Illumination. In upcoming blog posts, we’ll be discussing the importance of customizing loupes, our future mission projects, and checking in with our territory managers periodically. Most importantly, however, we want to hear from our users and readers! Is there a topic you’d like to hear more about? Send us a message or discuss in the comments below.  Happy New Year from our entire team at Enova Illumination. We wish you all health and happiness and can’t wait to see you at a few of our upcoming tradeshows.

North American Veterinary Community – January 19

Yankee Dental Congress January 30 – February 1

Baker Gordon Symposium February 6 – February 8

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